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kacts; round four.

[personal profile] kacts is a kink fill where you make a post in your own journal and fill in your list of kinks and kind people will write you fic and you write other people fic if you are so inspired. sign ups for round four are here, as well as more information.

☀my list☀
❶ School themes; boarding schools, prep school, teacher/student pairings, schoolboy hijinks or sexual discovery, military academies, tutoring and teaching in general.

❷ Gender themes; gender confusion, sex changes (only if done right and with research), gender-fucks, hermaphrodites, cross-dressing or other forms of gender-bending, drag queens and transvestites, androgyny, forced feminization, butch/femme, tomboys)

❸ Superpowers; power awakening, power responsibility, learning how to cope, mutations, being a hero/villain, etc.

❹ Dystopias; apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic worlds, alien invasions, pandemics, computers take over, settings in Hell, or earth becomes Hell.

❺ Alternate Dimensions; worm-holes, someone stuck in a different dimension, trying pass as the you of an alternate dimension without getting caught, etc.


f.t island; hongki/jonghun, seunghyun/minhwan, minhwan/wonbin, hongki/seunghyun, seunghyun/jonghun, wonbin/hongki, jaejin/seunghyun/minhwan, ot5/6, gen.
snsd; taeyeon/seohyun, hyoyeon/ yuri, jessica/tiffany, hyoyeon/jessica, tiffany/sunny, yuri/yoona, ot9, any pairing in the world, ever.
f(x); krystal/luna, sulli/luna, amber/krystal, amber/luna, sulli/krystal, victoria/amber, ot5.
2pm; chansung/nichkhun, chansung/wooyoung, chansung/junho, wooyoung/nichkhun, junsu/junho, taecyeon/jay, taecyeon/wooyoung, ot6/7.
shinee; onew/taemin, taemin/key, minho/key, jonghyun/onew, jonghyun/minho.
ss501; hyunjoong/kyujong, hyungjoon/jungmin, kyujong/jungmin, jungmin/kyujong/hyunjoong, youngsaeng/kyujong.
t-ara; (soyeon/eunjung, hyomin/soyeon, boram/hyomin, qri/hwayoung
u-kiss; soohyun/kiseop, kibum/kevin, alexander/kevin, eli/any.
dgna; suhoon/hyunmin, jisang(xing)/suhoon, gwangchul(xing)/injoon, suhoon/jihwan.
misc./others; superjunior (kibum/donghae, heechul/hankyung, zhou mi/kyuhyun, anything), after school (raina/nana, uee/bekah, jooyeon/uee), secret (hyosung/zinger, any) miss a (ot4, suzy/fei, jia/fei, min/suzy), beast (doojoon/dongwoon, dongwoon-fic, doojoon/yoseob), cnblue (jonghyun/yonghwa), dbsk (yunho/jaejoong)

soloists/crossovers; g.na/ anyone in cube, iu/jiyeon, iu/jiyeon/luna, suzy/jiyeon, hyukjae/hyoyeon, donghae/jessica, yoona/taecyeon, chansung/jinwoon, seohyun/yonghwa, nichkhun/victoria, doojoon/one day, soyeon/snsd, g.na/hyosung, yubin/uee, yubin/younha, younha/anyone, jaejin/key, ‘91-line (jaejin/key/mir/jinwoon/dongwoon +tagalong seunghyun), f4 (top, hyunjoong, jaejoong, yoochun).
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