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headcanon; park jiyeon (&friends)

this is one of those 'lets open up a document and write out a headcanon before i lose track of everything i want to say' posts. so there will be lapslock, there will be capslock, there will be horrible grammar (probably). and this is all just my speculation and my headcanon, because everyone has different ones.

but this post is about jiyeon and her relationships, because i've been thinking about it since that post where akp was like "jiyeon has no friends outside of t-ara except for luna and iu." and this is true, it's been true, and i don't know why it's suddenly of interest now.

so jiyeon's an idol and we all know that, she's had rough times and hard times and she's done it all at a young age - she's come of age now and maybe she's falling into a sort of ~image~ where everyone thinks she's mean/ice-cold. but really, jiyeon's shy. she can do camera's and greet people and talk to them but she has a hard time getting CLOSE to them. jiyeon is a strong girl, but she's also a girl, a young girl, and korea's age hierarchy makes it hard for her to be friends with people older than her. but jiyeon can do cameras and acting and everything like that because she's an idol - she doesn't have to be herself when the camera is on and she's an actress. i think a part of her just uses it to escape. for all that she's so busy and overworked, i think she must feel the stress of that sometimes. hell, sometimes it's hard for me to get out of bed because i don't want to talk to people, and i can't imagine the energy it takes to be an idol. i can't imagine the added energy it takes to talk to people and be bffs with a ton of people and really, it's always going to be so much easier to be friends with the people close to you because they kind of become family. jiyeon's has so few friends because they become family.

jiyeon likes to be able to rely on people - and in the people she trusts i think that's important. if she's going to trust them, they have to be able to make her happy and make her feel like a person and she has to be able to be relied upon too. for instance, i remember watching heroes and this was one of the first times i ever really watched anything with her and iu in it together, but it was one where they were carrying logs on their backs? jiyeon was fine, she had a bunch of them, and poor little iu is falling behind her with like two logs. jiyeon called over her shoulder "jieun-ah, are you okay?" and iu says, "no :("

and idk. that left a really big impression on me for some reason and even after all this time i think it's still one of the big solidifying factors to how i portray them and how i see them. jiyeon and iu are super close and they can confide in each other and they can be honest and i think to jiyeon, being able to be honest is a big thing. she's strong, and she wants to be seen that way, but iu and luna are both so happy, and also responsible.

iu was brought up by her grandma and she has a lot of older mannerisms and knows all these old customs and such and i don't know how much it affects her now but i believe the way we grow up is a basis for how we are later in life and iu is really good at being solid. she's confident, but not over confident, she knows she can sing and she's really good at making friends and jiyeon may envy her for those things but the two kind of click together. they're both so adorable and lovely together and i think a true sign of friendship is like that game where you fall back against your partner - and they always catch one another.

anyway, in jiyeon's world of idol-dom and the uneven ground (imagine working for a company like ccm? you could get the rug pulled out from your feet 98498498 times a day. the company would lie about what you say or what you want and never ever ever let you sleep. so i think in a world like idol-dom, solidity is important, and jiyeon doesn't have many friends, not just because she's shy or overworked, but because of solidity.)

or at least. that's what i think. if you disagree or want to add to this or anything, please feel free! i'm not here to judge or condone or be all NO MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. this is a place where we think freely, because this is our fandom and we make it. that's one of the things that make rpf so special.
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